Cyclovia Tucson Launches Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign!

On February 20th, Cyclovia Tucson launched a Kickstarter campaign to engage the public in fundraising for Cyclovia’s planned expansion to two events, April 7th and 28th, 2013.


Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects and helps meet financial goals by asking supporters of the project to become a “Backer”. Cyclovia Tucson created a video and designed a set of rewards to offer each “Backer” at different amounts. Rewards include t-shirts, totes, water bottles, even an opportunity for names of “Backers” to be written in sidewalk chalk at a designated location along each of the Cyclovia routes in April. Cyclovia Tucson has set a goal of $8,000 to be raised by March 20th, 2013. This money will be used to cover expenses like barricades, police officers, and insurance for the two events.

Click here to view the project on Kickstarter:

Mark your calendars and join Cyclovia Tucson for two events, April 7th and 28th.

On April 7th Cyclovia Tucson will once again connect downtown to South Tucson, inviting residents and visitors alike to experience Tucson’s cultural and culinary riches located in some of the region’s oldest and most vibrant neighborhoods.  The downtown route features six main “activity hubs”, each highlighting a great park, school, business corridor, or cultural resource: Armory Park/Tucson Children’s Museum; Santa Rita Park; South 4th Avenue “Restaurant Row”; Arizona Children’s Association/Mission View Elementary; Santa Rosa Park; and Ochoa Elementary.  Each activity hub will feature numerous attractions for participants including food vendors, entertainment, music, interactive games and demonstrations, and more.

Then on April 28th, for the first time ever, the brand new linear route will connect neighborhoods and business districts including Keeling, Hedrick Acres, Samos, the Campbell Avenue Business District, La Madera, Cabrini and more before delivering participants to the Pima County Loop multi-use path at Dodge Boulevard and Brandi Fenton Park. This new route will feature a wide variety of planned and spontaneous activities for people of all interests and ages including dodgeball games on Dodge Boulevard, sweet treat food trucks on Treat Avenue, an interactive “Art Walk” featuring local artists and solar powered soundscapes provided by local DJ’s Herm, Alias and Matt McCoy.