Dance Walking and Cyclovia

I just found out about Dance Walking today, yes TODAY!

(How did I not know about this?!) But it’s something I think I’ve been waiting for all my life! I love Dance Walking “inventor” (and Tucson native!) Ben Aaron’s description of why Dance Walking is the most perfect form of fitness out there:

  1. You get to see the city
  2. You get to interact with people
  3. And you get to DANCE!

I would add that you also get to walk, which is something I so enjoy doing but just don’t do enough in Tucson because our sidewalks are always right up next to the roads.

Here’s the video that Ben Aaron made last year about Dance Walking that went viral:


And here’s a video from Tucson’s first Dance Walk event last June:


You can join Tucson’s Dance Walk Facebook page here:


I am SO looking forward to Dance Walking at Cyclovia this year and if anyone out there knows how to contact Ben, we’d LOVE to invite him to be the Master of Ceremonies for our second event!