We should do this EVERY Sunday!

Did you enjoy Cyclovia today? Do you want to see more of them happen in Tucson more often?

By sending a quick note to your Council Member and Tucson’s Mayor, you can directly influence decisions that are made for the future of Cyclovia in Tucson. If you think investing in open streets events like Cyclovia is worth every penny, send an email to your local representatives and let them know. The more they hear, the more they’ll listen!

Click here to send an email to City of Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild: mayor1@tucsonaz.gov

Click here to send an email to Regina Romero, Ward 1 Representative Regina Romero: ward1@tucsonaz.gov

Paul Cunningham, Ward 2 Representative: ward2@tucsonaz.gov

Karin Uhlich, Ward 3 Representative: ward3@tucsonaz.gov

Shirley Scott, Ward 4 Representative: ward4@tucsonaz.gov

Richard Fimbres, Ward 5 Representative: ward5@tucsonav.gov

Steve Kozachik, Ward 6 Representative: ward6@tucsonaz.gov

I don’t know which Ward I live in, go here.

And don’t forget – we’re doing this again in 3 weeks!