Arizona Daily Star Names Cyclovia Tucson One Of “14 Reasons To Be Excited To Be In Tucson In 2014”

Tucson, AZ (January 09, 2014) – Readers of Tucson’s Entertainment Guide known as Caliente, were treated to a curated list of the top fourteen reasons to be excited about living in Tucson in 2014. Among the University of Arizona Wildcats Basketball team, the Modern Streetcar and the opening of new eating and drinking establishments in the coming year, was Cyclovia Tucson – the region’s largest celebration of active transportation and Arizona’s biggest block party. Click here to read the full story.

A program of Living Streets Alliance, Cyclovia Tucson has quickly grown into Arizona’s largest open streets event attracting more than 25,000 participants to two events in 2013. The events open five to six miles of city streets – normally the exclusive domain of personal vehicles – to people of all ages and abilities to enjoy a variety of healthy, human-powered activities for a day such as biking, walking, jogging, dancing, socializing and play.

As the greater Tucson region copes with the staggering number of pedestrian fatalities last year, the need for events like Cyclovia grows; events that draw attention to quality of life issues such as mobility, transportation investment priorities, and safe streets for all residents.

“In just a few short years Living Streets Alliance, through programs like Cyclovia Tucson, has led the region in a conversation about our streets – who our streets are built for, and what is lost when we don’t consider the transportation needs of everyone” says Kylie Walzak, Cycovia Tucson Event Coordinator.

In Tucson as in the rest of the nation, people are driving less and instances of biking and walking for transportation are up significantly from previous years. “There is growing awareness of the health benefits in addition to the social and environmental benefits of walking or biking for transportation,” says Emily Yetman, Executive Director of Living Streets Alliance. “Cities across the US are moving swiftly to address the demand for more walkable, livable communities because the economic benefits are huge,” Yetman states.

This year, Cyclovia Tucson will once again host two events that are free and open to everyone. On April 6th, 2014 from 10 am to 3 pm expect Cyclovia Tucson to return to Downtown and South Tucson neighborhoods opening a five mile loop of city streets along South Meyer, South 8th and South 4th Avenues. New this year is a partnership with Flagstaff-based community music festival organizers who produce an event called Flagstaff Hullabaloo. Voted “Best Annual Event or Festival” in Flagstaff for the last four years, the Tucson version will be aptly called Tucson Hullabaloo and will take place in Armory Park, feature live-music stages, local and national music acts, puppet shows, crafts, food vendors, and more.

The second Cyclovia Tucson event will take place on Sunday, November 2nd – one week before the All Souls’ Procession – and will open five miles of city streets through Tucson’s midtown neighborhoods connecting them to businesses along Campbell Avenue.

Currently, Cyclovia Tucson organizers are accepting applications for volunteers and encourage businesses, community groups, schools, non-profit organizations and neighborhoods to contact organizers about how to get involved and participate in Cyclovia Tucson events.

For more information on Cyclovia Tucson or any of Living Streets Alliance’s programs, contact Kylie Walzak at

The mission of Living Streets Alliance is to “promote healthy communities by empowering people to transform our streets into vibrant places for walking, bicycling, socializing, and play.” LSA is improving access for active modes of transportation in the region through outreach, education, advocacy and research. Visit for more info.