Cyclovia April 6th By the Numbers

A team of volunteers with Pima Association of Governments – Cyclovia partner for the last five years (!) – conducted over 200 participant surveys at the last Cyclovia on April 6th to get a better idea of travel and spending patterns, as well as a whole host of other data during Tucson’s biggest active transportation event. Take a look at this great infographic detailing some of the big takeaways from that survey.

cyclovia-postevent-infographic-v4Some highlights include the fact that this year, 1 out every 3 Cyclovia participants had never participated before meaning we are reaching new audiences every year.

More than 70% of you who attended Cyclovia walked, took the bus or rode your bike to the event – that’s awesome and a cheap way to get downtown, which means you had extra cash in your pockets for…

You showed love for Tucson’s local businesses! In just 5 hours, Cyclovia participants spent over a quarter million dollars at local businesses and restaurants. That’s huge!

If you’d like more information about the survey results, send an email to Gabe Thum, Transportation Planner at PAG,

Now, take your right or left hand and give yourselves a hearty pat on the back – good job Tucson!