Do You Live in One of These Neighborhoods?

NEIGHBORHOOD_MAPAre you a resident of

If you answered yes, we’ve got a favor to ask…

Just in case you haven’t already heard, Cyclovia Tucson has a brand new route that includes portions of these neighborhoods. We’re looking for volunteers to fill 3-hour shifts in the morning or afternoon at intersections along the route in these neighborhoods. The great thing about having residents in these neighborhoods fill these shifts is that you might know a lot of your neighbors already, making it a lot easier to help redirect anyone who needs assistance getting in or out during the day.

Another benefit is that you can walk to your intersection from your house, with your coffee or cold drink and newspaper in your hand. Easy.

Finally, we’d never forgive ourselves if we asked you to help but you had to miss the fun of the event. That’s why we design volunteer shifts to be just 3 hours long, so you’ll still have half the day to explore the route and have fun.

Of course there’s plenty of work to be done before and after the event too, so if you’re eager to lend a hand we’ve got opportunities for that to. Visit our volunteer page to find out more.

If you have any questions about the volunteer program with Cyclovia Tucson, get in touch with us via email here:

And for more information about Cyclovia Tucson visit