Activity Ideas

With Cyclovia the sky’s the limit when it comes to activating the street! Just be sure your activity does not block the flow of people traffic or pose any risk to others. Have a blast out there!

  • Sidewalk chalk for a GIANT hop-scotch
  • Hula-hoops AND bubbles
  • Learn to juggle
  • Grab your radio and play some of your favorite tunes for passers by
  • Set up a sprinkler for folks to stop and cool off
  • Have a yard sale!
  • Gather your neighborhood musicians and have a jam session in the street
  • Haul out your lawn furniture and set up an outdoor living room
  • Get crafty with your favorite arts and craft project
  • Interview people and ask them what they like best about Cyclovia
  • Hand out dog biscuits to four-legged friends
  • Stilt walking
    Play bucket drums
    Create you own marching band
    Have your very own stand-up comedy show or puppet show
    Dance in the streets, any style you like! (Hula, Salsa, Country, Cha-Cha)
    Host a lemonade stand
    Fly kites
    Face painting station
  • Street Hockey
    Street Soccer
    Put a Basketball and Hoop out
    Slackline in the Park
    Set up picnic tables and games
    Play music on the street
    Do a garden demo
    Create sidewalk chalk masterpiece
    Walk your dog(s)