Pedego Electric Bikes Tucson


Free Pedego ebikeride – We’ll have a 10’x10′ pop-up and table with 4-5 of our bikes and do FREE ride demonstrations (down 30-50 yds and back). People will learn how level 1 and 2 ebikes ride and how much fun they are. Many people have ‘heard’ about ebikes and are curious. An equal number of people have negative (incorrect), perceptions of them and the technology. Free rides allow people to see and understand the benefits themselves. We’ll also have 3-4 of our staff available for Q&A, collateral and giveaways.

We are insured for doing demo rides and we do rides like this every day from our store. We’ll use our own ride waiver (paper or digital, preferred).

This activity is best done away from other, busier areas (food vendors), so rides can be done down quiet side streets advacent to the Cyclovia route.

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