For Residents

Plan Ahead

If you know you will need to go to work, church, or run other errands by car during the hours of the event, the easiest plan to make is to park your car on the nearest side street that is not closed for the event. The same goes for visitors. If you plan to have people visit you by car during the hours of the event, plan to have them park on a side street, and enjoy the sights, sounds and fresh air as they walk to your home.

Event hours are 9am to 3pm.

Barricades will be set up as early as 7:30am, and will begin to come down immediately after the event.

Use the car-crossing intersections marked on the map below and side streets to navigate within neighborhoods.

Intersection Volunteers

Every intersection along the route is staffed with a morning and an afternoon volunteer. These volunteers are trained to assist people who need to get to their front door/driveway by car. Please note this is prioritized for the elderly, disabled, and emergency situations. If you need to reach your home that is located along the route by car, stop at the closest intersection and speak to the intersection volunteer who will make sure to alert the event participants to the presence of a car along the route, then will escort you in or out of your home/driveway. Please note: we kindly request that you help make this experience car-free for everyone by not parking your car along the street. 


If you have questions prior to the event, please call 520-261-8777.

If you have questions regarding the street closure permit, please call 520-837-6691.