How can I be a part of  Cyclovia Tucson?

There are several ways you can be involved in Cyclovia Tucson:

1. Volunteer! Fill out the online form on our volunteer page.

2. Sponsor the event.  We have lots of sponsorship opportunities.  Check out our 2012 Cyclovia Sponsor Packet

3. Come to the event and have fun!

Why are we having a Cyclovia in Tucson?

The Cyclovia Tucson planning committee came together with a mission to activate the streets in Tucson and get people off the couch.  Cyclovia style events are happening all around the world, why not in Tucson.

Are you planning to host another Cyclovia in Tucson?

We are very interested in hosting more Cyclovia events in Tucson and around the region.  Eventually, we’d like to make them happen multiple times a year, like Portland’s Sunday Parkways or New York City’s Sunday Streets.

Who is going to participate?

This event is for everyone.  There are activities for people of all ages and all non-motorized modes (bikers, walkers, skaters, wheelers…).

Is this event for bicyclists only?

No. This event is for all non-motorized modes of movement.

I do not have a bike but want to ride a bike during the event. Do you have any recommendations?

You could plan ahead and rent a bike from BICAS (www.bicas.org) or from one of your local bike shops, such as Fairwheel Bikes (www.fairwheelbikes.com), Ordinary Bike Shop, or others.

Will businesses along the event route be open if I get thirsty or hungry?

There will be food vendors located along the route at Armory Park, Santa Rosa Park, Arizona Children’s Association Campus, Santa Rita Park, and of course all “Restaurant Row” in South Tucson.

Businesses along the event route will have their normal business hours on Sunday, March 18th.  We highly recommend that you patronize businesses and food vendors along the route and thank them for supporting this event.

We will also have 5 water stations along the route with water donated by Sparkletts.

Finally, there will be opportunities for discounts at downtown and 4th Ave businesses following Cyclovia simply by showing your Cyclovia sticker – pick one up at any of the 5 Water and Info Stations along the route.

I want to attend Cyclovia, but live far away. Where can I park my car near the event?

If you need to drive to the event, we recommend parking your car in the Pennington Street Garage, the Tucson Convention Center Lot A off of Cushing & Church, or Greyhound Park (4th Ave & 36th St).  See the Route map for locations. Also, here is a map of parking garages in downtown.

Downtown Tucson Parking Map

Downtown Tucson Parking Map

Will there be special bus service to the event?

There will not be special bus service available on the day of the event.  However, buses that regularly travel along the route will be detoured.  Please contact Sun Tran at 792-9222 to get the details.

I own a business along the route, how will the Cyclovia affect my business?

On the day of the event the street will be opened to bikers, walkers, and other non-motorized modes.  This is a great time to take your business outside and interact with the people on the streets.  In other cities, some business owners  were skeptics of the event because they were worried that eliminating the car traffic would affect their sales.  However, the event had the opposite results.  In both Miami and San Francisco retailers were pleased that so many people stopped by for food and refreshments.  Some merchants experienced an increase in business by up to 300%.

Check out the Car Buster Article (page 12) to find out more about how businesses benefited from this event.

How can I get my business involved in Cyclovia?

A great way to advertise your business and support Cyclovia is to sponsor the event.  Your name and logo will appear on our website as well as other promotional materials depending on the amount you give.  Visit our sponsorship page for a packet and more information.