Group Volunteers

What is the Adopt-An-Intersection Program?

The Adopt-An-Intersection Program is a way for groups of friends, non-profit organizations, community groups,  neighborhood associations and teams of volunteers to volunteer together at Cyclovia. By adopting an intersection, your group has a unique opportunity to promote your work or mission to tens of thousands of people during the Cyclovia event.

Promote your work or mission to tens of thousands of people at Cyclovia by adopting an intersection during the event. Host a game, activity, get dressed up, play music – read on for more ideas!

Can our group set up a table or booth as part of the Adopt-An-Intersection Program?

Yes, so long as the table or booth does not block the safe flow of participants, you are welcome to bring your own table, tent, chairs and activities to your adopted intersection.

Keep in mind that Cyclovia is a very exciting time for people to get active. Once they hit the streets on their feet or wheels, they sometimes have a hard time being convinced to stop. For this reason, we strongly encourage groups to steer away from the typical “resource fair” approach to community outreach / tabling and come up with a fun, interactive game or activity in the spirit of the event. Plus, people at Cyclovia don’t often have a way to carry around a lot of information. Use this day as a way to align your group or organization as a partner in the healthy, active transportation movement happening all over the Tucson region.


Is there a fee for adopting an intersection?

Pending approval of your application below, there is no fee for non-profit organizations to adopt an intersection.

For-profit businesses with annual budgets over $250,000 are asked to make a minimum donation of $100 to keep Cyclovia free, safe and fun for everyone in our region. Besides supporting Tucson’s fastest growing event – the only one to celebrate healthy, active, sustainable transportation – your support aligns your business with the goals of Cyclovia and sets you apart as a local leader in the movement to get Tucsonans moving in a healthy direction. This is valuable exposure and you’ll notice your return on investment when people across the region support your business because they know you share a vision for a healthy, safer Tucson.


Can my group sell or fund raise at our intersection?

Because group volunteers at our intersections are working with local law enforcement to keep participants safe at major intersections along the route, the priority must be on safety. Selling items or fundraising at adopted intersections is not allowed. For businesses and organizations, look at this day as an opportunity to spread awareness of your mission, product or service. You can expand your contact base by collecting email addresses and promote events. You can dress up, play music, distribute samples of your product, and have a great time interacting with the wonderful people we share this special part of the world with.


What are the requirements for groups to Adopt-An-Intersection?

  • All volunteers must be 16 years or older to participate.
  • Your group must maintain coverage at your intersection for the duration of the event – from 9 am to 3 pm.
  • We recommend a minimum of 6 volunteers per intersection to allow for complete coverage and provide group members with the opportunity to participate in the event by walking, biking, skating, etc. throughout the network of streets.
  • A representative from your group must attend the mandatory volunteer training two weeks before the event and agree to train the other members of the group on the volunteer protocol.
  • Give as many high-fives, smiles, shouts and cheers for the tens of thousands of people you will interact with throughout the day!



How can my group get involved and help out at Cyclovia?

First, if your group would like to volunteer at the next Cyclovia Tucson, send an email to

Write “Adopt-An-Intersection” in the subject line.

Second, answer the following questions in your email.

1. Name of group
2. Contact name, phone number and email
3. A link to your website (if available)
4. Hours and number of volunteers willing to commit
5. Are you a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization? If yes, please include the mission of your organization.
6. Briefly describe what your group hopes to do or accomplish at Cyclovia.
7. If selected to participate, does your group plan to host some sort of activity or interact with Cyclovia partcipants? Please describe.
8. How did you learn about the Adopt-An-Intersection opportunity?