How does Cyclovia Tucson let neighborhoods, businesses and residents know the event is coming?

In order to ensure that anyone potentially affected by the routes knew about the events well in advance, the Cyclovia Tucson Steering Committee identified a series of outreach strategies and goals. They are described in detail below:


Each household within 1/8 mile of the routes received a notice in the mail 2.5 weeks before the event.

Click here to see a sample mailing postcard sent to residents for April 6th,

2014. Cyclovia_Postcard_2014_FRONT



Individual, in person outreach began in January 2013 and continued up until the event. Representatives from Cyclovia Tucson attended two meetings of the Campbell Avenue Business Partnership in Fall of 2012 and Winter 2013.


Places of Worship

A letter was sent to each place of worship on or within a mile of both routes three months prior to the event, to warn of potential traffic conflicts during the event and to offer alternate traffic plans to share with members. Individual phone calls to places of worship along or near the routes were made 10 days before the event to remind administrators and to encourage them to share the reminder with their members.

Click here to read a sample letter sent to places of worship located within one mile of the routes for April 6th, 2014.



Neighborhood Associations were initially contacted via telephone and/or email as early as October 2012, requesting to make a presentation at the following neighborhood meetings, where residents could ask questions and express concerns. Presentations to neighborhoods began in November 2012.

Below is a list of the Neighborhood Associations and community groups where presentations were made and the month in which Cyclovia Tucson presented.

Keeling Neighborhood Association, Ward 3 [October 2012]
Feldman Neighborhood Association, Ward 3 [November 2012]
Lend-A-Hand, Senior Assistance, Ward 3 [November 2012]
Samos Neighborhood Association, Ward 3 [November 2012]
City of South Tucson [December 2012]
Ward 1 Meeting [January 2013]
Hedrick Acres Neighborhood Association, Ward 3 [January 2013]
Cabrini Neighborhood Representatives, Meeting #1, Ward 3 [February 2013]
La Madera Residents, Ward 3 [February and March 2013]
Santa Rosa Neighborhood Association, Ward 1 [March 2013]
Barrio Viejo Neighborhood Association, Ward 1 [March 2013]
Cabrini Neighborhood Association, Meeting #2, Ward 3 [March 2013]


Cyclovia Ward 3 Information Night – Cyclovia Tucson hosted an information night for residents of Ward 3 to provide input on the proposed route for the April 28th event on November 15th, 2012.

In January, 2013 information about Cyclovia Tucson, including route maps and flyers were distributed at the Urban Neighborhood Symposium in Ward 3. Representatives from across Tucson attended the symposium.

In March, 2013 City of Tucson Outreach Coordinator emailed all Neighborhood Association officers across Tucson with maps and info about both Cyclovia Tucson events.


Yard signs- Fifty bilingual yard signs (measuring 24” x 36”) with event dates and contact info were placed in the public right of way along the routes two weeks prior to the event.


Door hangers and event reminders- 1,500 door hangers were delivered to residences along the route and within one block of the route as quantities permitted. The door hangers included route maps, contact info (telephone and email) and special instructions for parking or accessing the route the day of the event. These were placed one week before the event. Hundreds of final event reminders were hand delivered to residences and placed on cars the day before each event.


Schools – In-person meetings with school principals and/or representatives began in January 2013 and schools received fliers soon thereafter.


Print and Broadcast Media – Cyclovia Tucson partnered with the Journal Broadcasting group and Arizona Lotus Radio to promote the event using traditional media outlets a minimum of one week prior to the event:

Journal Broadcasting Group

TV – KGUN-ABC, KWBA-CW, ABC Live Well Cox Communications

Radio – Mix FM (94.9) – soft rock


 Arizona Lotus Radio

KLPX (96.1) – Classic Rock

KFMA (92.1) – “Modern” Rock

KCMT (102.1) – Hispanic


Other media outlets: KXCI, KUAZ, City of Tucson Channel 12, Arizona Public Media

Print media: Bear Essential News for Kids, Arizona Daily Star La Caliente, Tucson Weekly, Zócalo Magazine, Tucson Festival of Books

Conducting outreach to local residents and neighborhoods is the most important work that goes into preparing for Cyclovia Tucson. If you have suggestions or would like to volunteer to do outreach for the next events, please contact us:

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