img_6126Every volunteer plays a key role in making Cyclovia Tucson the car-free, care-free day that it is!

Whether you’ve got two hours or all the time in the world, an individual or a group – we’ve got plenty of opportunities for you to get involved and help out.

Pre-Cyclovia Prep Work

Organize and inventory our materials, update our online store, prepare fundraiser mailings and generally help make sure everything is ready for the big day.

Neighborhood Outreach

Two to three weeks before each event we spend a lot of time going door-to-door making sure everyone living along or near the route knows the event is happening. Be a part of our outreach team – this is a great opportunity for groups.  RSVP to help out during our neighborhood outreach day: Saturday, March 21st.

Intersection Volunteer

Choose a morning (8:30am-12:00pm) or afternoon shift (11:30am-3:00pm) and help reroute traffic and residents away from the event. You can volunteer half the day, play the other half!  Click here for the SPRING 2020 route map and sign up for your Individual Intersection and shift.

Group Volunteers

With a group of 6 or more, work with Tucson Police and Tucson Department of Transportation to manage the flow of Cyclovia traffic at busier intersections. This is a great way to spread the word to thousands of participants about your upcoming event, group mission, or to give away samples from your business. Read more about Group Volunteering and Adopt-An-Intersection opportunities here. 

Click here for the SPRING 2020 route map and sign up for your Group Intersection.

Super Volunteer

Super volunteers are our super heroes. They help train and manage all the intersection volunteers and are knowledgeable about the event, location of activities, and can help locate missing children or adults. Super volunteers get special training and hold a special place in our hearts.

Post-Cyclovia Wrap-up Work

The fun isn’t over just because the event was a success. We have lots of sorting, organizing, stocking and inventory work to do. It’s a great activity for people who like to do the work behind the scenes.


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