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Cyclovia April 6th By the Numbers

A team of volunteers with Pima Association of Governments – Cyclovia partner for the last five years (!) – conducted over 200 participant surveys at the last Cyclovia on April 6th to get a better idea of travel and spending patterns, as well as a whole host of other data during Tucson’s biggest active transportation… Read more »

Check out the Cyclovia Route Map & Activities

There are so many activities planned for and in collaboration with Cyclovia this year that we couldn’t fit them all on one map! We’ve condensed the information into a handy document you can print out and carry with you. Plan your own adventure and don’t forget to document it using #Cyclovia on your favorite social media…. Read more »

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  1. Nov

    Cyclovia Midtown, 10 am to 3 pm

    Stay tuned for details about the NEXT Cyclovia happening in November in Midtown.


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Volunteer Opportunities

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